Celestron NexStar 5SE GoTo Telescope Review

Okay, you might have already decided that the Celestron NexStar 8SE was the best telescope you have ever owned. It was so good you can’t get your hands and eyes off it. You want to carry it everywhere you go. But the problem is, it is too heavy and too bulky. What do you do? … Read more

Celestron C90 Mak Review

There’s no telling how convenient it is to keep everything at its smallest and lightest form. Blame it on human nature or just out of necessity, preferring portability over all other features can either be a fad or a way of life. If you want your things in most compact forms, then this Celestron C90 … Read more

Meade ETX 90 Telescope Review

Meade Instruments is another leader in the world of telescopes. According to Wikipedia, it is the largest manufacturer of telescopes for amateur astronomers. It boasts itself of manufacturing over 50 telescope models in different sizes, capabilities, and of course, price ranges. One of their most popular go-to scopes is the ETX 90 series, hence, I … Read more

Celestron X-Cel LX 3x Barlow Lens Review

One of the sad truths about telescopes in the market today is that they don’t seem to have the right lenses. What do I mean? Popular telescopes, especially those on the cheaper side of the spectrum will lure you into buying them by baiting you with their overly affordable price and exaggerated magnification features. Only … Read more

Celestron NexStar 130SLT GoTo Telescope Review

Some say that the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Well, this is exactly how things are for the Celestron’s NexStar series of telescopes. If you are a fan of this brand, you would know that this is just an upgrade of the NexStar 114 model. Perhaps, because of the positive reviews that the … Read more

Orion XT6 Review

Again, another source of thrill without the frills. And a big fat one at that. If you want a no-nonsense telescope, and I really mean the one without all the B.S.; just a very straightforward, let’s-get-down-to-business-right-away telescope, you came to the right place. You might have probably read about some of Orion Skyquest XT6 reviews … Read more

Celestron Skymaster Giant 15X70 Binoculars Review

As a newbie in the world of astronomy, you would probably be thinking of telescope right away and beam with excitement. Sorry to burst your bubble but please, don’t count binoculars out just yet. And why not? On one given clear night, a pair of binoculars can provide you a decent introduction to the wonderful … Read more

Celestron 21061 AstroMaster 70AZ Review

Need a telescope for your child? And I mean the real one and not just a toy. Of course, there are those toy telescopes that can provide magnified views but wouldn’t you want them to get the real one if you have the choice? This is where things get pretty exciting. Please read on this … Read more

Orion 10015 StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Review

Okay, you want a telescope; one that can give you excellent views without the frills. Now take this – an excellent telescope for kids and “lazy” novices. Simple yet powerful which can also be convenient for intermediate and professional astronomers who want to have a clear but uncomplicated viewing one starry night. Without much further … Read more