Product Guides

Telescope Buyers’ Guides
Best Telescopes
Our expert’s telescope recommendations ranging from $100 to $2000
Best Kids’ Telescopes
Low budgeted(<$250) telescope recommendations for elementary school-aged kids
Best Dobsonian Telescopes
$250+ Dobsonians, the best-designed scopes that give the best bang for your buck
Best Astrophotography Telescopes
$450+ telescope recommendations for photographing deep-sky objects (DSO’s)
Best Planetary Telescopes
$350+ Dob and GoTo telescope recommendations for viewing planets
Best Computerized Telescopes
$350+ computerized telescopes with hands free automatic tracking.
Best Refractor Telescopes
$150+ telescopes with higher visual contrast and unmatched convenience
Best Solar Telescopes
$100+ dedicated solar telescopes that show solar flares and prominences
Best Portable Telescopes
$100-$2000 telescopes that you’d like to travel with
Telescope Accessories Guides
Best Telescope Eyepieces
$50-$300 eyepieces to optimize your viewing experience with your telescope
Best Telescope Filters
Best light pollution, solar, color, deep sky filters for specific use cases
Best Barlow Lenses
High-quality Barlow lenses to increase eyepiece magnification choices while using telescopes
Best Astrophotography Cameras
$450+ telescope recommendations for photographing deep-sky objects (DSO’s)
Best Equatorial Mounts
$850+ EQ mounts for perfect astrophotography of deep-sky objects
Best Autoguiders and Guide Scopes
$75+ guide cameras and guide scopes for long exposure astrophotography
Miscellaneous Buying Guides
Best Astronomical Binoculars
For a budget less than $100, binoculars are a much better choice than a cheap telescope
Best Home Planetariums
Entertainment oriented home planetariums and star projectors for kids and enthusiasts
Best Astronomy Flashlights
Flashlights(mainly red lighted) to navigate without ruining your night vision