Product Guides

Telescope Buyers’ Guides
Best Telescopes
Our expert’s telescope recommendations ranging from $100 to $2500
Best Kids’ Telescopes
Low budgeted(<$400) telescope recommendations for elementary school-aged kids
Best Dobsonian Telescopes
$300+ Dobsonians, the best-designed scopes that give the best bang for your buck
Best Astrophotography Telescopes
$500+ telescope recommendations for photographing deep-sky objects (DSO’s)
Best Planetary Telescopes
$350+ Dob and GoTo telescope recommendations for viewing planets
Best Computerized Telescopes
$350+ computerized telescopes with hands free automatic tracking.
Best Refractor Telescopes
$150+ telescopes with higher visual contrast and unmatched convenience
Best Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes
$1000+ compact, low maintenance, super optics telescopes, mostly from Celestron.
Best Solar Telescopes
$100+ dedicated solar telescopes that show solar flares and prominences
Best Portable Telescopes
$100-$2000 telescopes that you’d like to travel with
Telescope Accessories Guides
Best Telescope Eyepieces
$50-$300 eyepieces to optimize your viewing experience with your telescope
Best Telescope Filters
Best light pollution, solar, color, deep sky filters for specific use cases
Best Barlow Lenses
High-quality Barlow lenses to increase eyepiece magnification choices while using telescopes
Best Astrophotography Cameras
$450+ telescope recommendations for photographing deep-sky objects (DSO’s)
Best Equatorial Mounts
$850+ EQ mounts for perfect astrophotography of deep-sky objects
Best Autoguiders and Guide Scopes
$75+ guide cameras and guide scopes for long exposure astrophotography
Miscellaneous Buying Guides
Best Astronomical Binoculars
For a budget less than $100, binoculars are a much better choice than a cheap telescope
Best Home Planetariums
Entertainment oriented home planetariums and star projectors for kids and enthusiasts
Best Astronomy Flashlights
Flashlights(mainly red lighted) to navigate without ruining your night vision
Best US Telescope Retailers
Know where to buy your next telescope and accessories from.