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The right telescope is only a click away, but actually finding the right one for you can be overwhelming. At TelescopicWatch, we’re here to help you find the perfect telescope to fit your needs.

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Looking to buy a telescope with no targeted purpose, constrained with budget?

Dream about your kid finding an interest in astronomy and wants to know it for sure?  


Always wanted to check out our mighty ‘little’ sun closer with a telescope?

Do you have those photographer genes? Film galaxies and clusters now!

Our Expert Network:

Zane has been featured in Sky & Telescope, TIME magazine, and National Geographic for his homemade telescopes. He is currently the face of the most upvoted posts on r/Space and r/telescopes subReddits.

Richard has written more than a dozen e-books. Of those, Easy Things to See With a Small Telescope, got licensed for distribution with Orion Telescopes and Orion commissioned him to write one more book.

Ed Anderson astronomer

Ed Anderson is a member of the Astronomical Society of Long Island as well as the Custer Institute where he is engaged in presentations. He has been featured on Sky And Telescope, NewsDay and Cloudy Nights.

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I like this site for it's more experienced and nuanced reviews of bad telescopes which get high reviews from people who don't know what they're talking about on sites like Amazon.
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He has several very good reviews that stopped me from buying some of the other telescopes on Amazon and Best Buy that customers praised as being the best. I enjoyed his reviews. They are very up front about what he likes and doesn't like... I am glad he posted the good and the bad, and as I stated, it stopped me from buying some of the other ones that were supposedly "awesome telescopes."


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