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The right telescope is only a click away, but actually finding the right one for you can be overwhelming. At TelescopicWatch, we’re here to help you find the perfect telescope to fit your needs.
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Best Telescopes, Budgetwise
Looking to buy a telescope with budget being the only constraint?
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Best Telescopes For Kids
Looking to buy a telescope apt for your kid aged below 10?
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Best Solar Telescopes
Looking for telescopes made for the purpose of viewing the sun?
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Best For Astrophotography
Looking for telescopes with astrophotographic capabilities?
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Our Expert Panel:

Zane Augustus
Zane Landers
Zane has been featured in the Sky & Telescope, TIME magazine, and National Geographic for his homemade telescopes.
Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson is a member of the ASLI and the Custer Institute and has been featured on Sky And Telescope, NewsDay e.t.c
Richard J Bartlett
Richard J Bartlett
Richard’s one of the dozen books, Easy Things to See With a Small Telescope, has got licensed for distribution with Orion Telescopes

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