Telescopic Watch Readers’ Testimonials: What People Say About Us

The most popular subreddit for telescopes, r/telescopes with over 150,000 members, features TelescopicWatch as one of the six useful sites for telescope enthusiasts in its sidebar. This recognition is solely based on our merit and is not sponsored by any means. The other featured sites on the subreddit’s sidebar are Ed Ting’s ScopeReviews, Eyes on the Sky, Sky & Telescope, Cloudy Nights forum, and Wikipedia.

r/telescopes subReddit's sidebar with TelescopicWatch featured as "Useful Links" for telescope hobbyists.
r/telescopes subreddit’s sidebar with TelescopicWatch featured in “Useful Links”

Below is the feedback about TelescopicWatch on reputable telescope-related online communities by independent and unbiased readers of ours. Many of the quoted users are people with extensive first-hand experience in astronomy and telescopes. We have no affiliation with any of these commenters in any way.

I recommend to you this telescope review site. Their reviews are (brutally) honest. If you buy a telescope that they recommend, or especially one that gets their Editor’s Choice designation, then you will be happy with it for a long time.

user: Another_Dave (400 Posts), Source: CloudyNights

This site has brutally honest reviews. Buy something they recommend. Try not to buy from Amazon. Find you local store. They will generally have equally good prices, but will also offer solid advice and support – which, as a beginner, you will probably need.

u/j1llj1ll (38K comment karma), Source: Reddit

TelescopicWatch is a good resource with people who actually know what they’re talking about doing reviews. That said, you have to understand that their ratings are relative to the price category they are in.

u/phpdevster, Source: Reddit

There are glowing reviews on specialized sites. And they’re all wrong. From first hand experience, the only review that accurately assesses the 127EQ is the one on … and it’s not kind!

user: Apollo (1000 Posts), Source: CloudyNights

The Powerseeker takes first place as the worst scope on the market. The ASStromaster runs a close second. Read the reviews on Reviews on Amazon and elsewhere are by bots and people that have no idea what they’re on about.

u/Gusto88 (120K comment karma), Source: Reddit

Look for eyepiece guides on, say, telescopicwatch and stick to powers below 100x and you will probably be able to coax decent views out of it.

u/Kissner (4.5K comment karma); he is the creator of Hardley Telescope, Source: Reddit

Telescopic Watch has honest and well-founded reviews of all kinds of telescopes in all price ranges

u/Waddensky (18K comment karma), Source: Reddit

Beware of reviews written by people (e.g. shoppers on Amazon) who know little about telescopes. i’ve been reading some reviews by the people at where they rip most of celestron scopes to shreds due to all sorts of trouble, meanwhile these scopes have thousands of units sold and good reviews on places like amazon, you quickly realize its mostly beginners who never had previous experiences.

Source: StargazersLounge

Those are affiliate marketing sites, set up regurgitating manufacturer talking points to flog anything and everything without adding any value, as long as something gets sold, they get a cut. Bookmark and for future reference to find out what an actual expert thinks, or what the community thinks, respectively.

u/TasmanSkies (11K comment karma), Source: Reddit

That’s by far the most honest and reliable site focused on reviews. Then there are astronomy forums, like Cloudynights and Stargazerslounge. There’s just no trusting to huge majority of anykind “reviews” in web with obvious flaws and defects completely forgotten. (like mount preventing pointing telescope high to sky where objects are at their best with least atmospheric effects)

u/EsaTuunanen (2.5K comment karma), Source: Reddit

Amazon reviews on these types of scopes are either fake or are written by people who have no idea what they’re talking about. If you want some good resources, I’ll refer you to our pinned buyer’s guide here, and also TelescopicWatch, which is by far the most trustworthy review site when it comes to telescopes.

u/zman2100 (53K comment karma), Source: Reddit

To learn more about specific aspect of amateur astronomy and telescopes try these links: Ed Tings “Advice for Beginners” page. and “Telescopic Watch”, a nice semi-commercial website developed by several CN members.

user: JohnBear (2500 Posts), Source: CloudyNights

I was in a similar situation and found some great information on, particularly the product review section but also the buying guides. I spent hours and hours reading that site and came away with a better understanding of what I wanted, what I didn’t want and more importantly, what I didn’t need (at this time).

u/dreamer_r21 (9K comment karma), Source: Reddit

Please read the sticky guide, the wiki over at r/AskAstrophotography as well spending some time with online resources like Ed Ting on YouTube and the warts and all reviews over at

u/j1llj1ll (38K comment karma), Source: Reddit

The site is a good place to do research for a new telescope.

user: Vostok (100 Posts), Source: CloudyNights

This site also has a kids guide Also on the main page a link to telescope in each budget range

u/Prasiatko (266K comment karma), Source: Reddit

 For tabletop dobsonian reviews, check out All those Z114 and Z130 reviews are on point.

u/xmjke21x (10K comment karma), Source: Reddit

See if there is a local astronomy club you can join. They often have loaner scopes that members can borrow. The only reliable reviews I trust are from the pinned buyers guide here, Telescopicwatch, Ed Ting, and some reviews on Cloudy Nights.

u/chrislon_geo (46K comment karma), Source: Reddit

This review site gives pretty good advice about starter scopes:

user: dreamer_r21 (3500 Posts), Source: CloudyNights