Telescope Invention – The Who and How

The history of the telescope is a very interesting and lengthy topic. Beginner astronomers often marvel at the wonders of space and ask all sorts of questions related to telescopes. How were they made? Who made them and when? How did we figure out how to use them for viewing the stars and planets? If … Read more

Top 7 New Stargazing Destinations in the World

Top 7 New Stargazing Destinations in the World Choosing a good stargazing site boils down to two principal criteria: minimal light pollution and territorial isolation. It just so happens that there is more to these two standards defining the best stargazing sites worldwide. So, who can accurately determine the highest benchmarks? Let us ask the … Read more

Must-See Stargazing Events for 2018

Must-See of 2018 Known as the oldest branch of science, astronomy also proves to be one of the most interesting outdoor pastimes. Since prehistory, mankind has been looking at the skies for answers regarding the mysteries of the natural world. Hence, our ancestors were able to comprehend important concepts like time, seasons, climate, and distance. … Read more