Best Telescopes of 2019 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Unfortunately, if you look at the list of best sellers in Amazon, you might see undermounted, accessory-poor, and optically terrible telescopes like the $60 Celestron 21035 70mm on the top. They are enthusiastically reviewed by newbies who have never used an another telescope in their life and are happy to see some craters on the Moon and … Read more

Best Telescopes For Kids – 2019 Guide

If you’re thinking about buying a telescope for your kids, there are several main considerations to make before even picking the model. First, there’s age. A young child under five is simply not going to be able to grasp the complicated concepts behind viewing anything besides the Moon and simply won’t be able to use … Read more

Best Solar Telescopes – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

All too often, we tend to focus on distant stars, galaxies, and planets and miss the most important celestial body essential to human life – the Sun! Although the distance between us and sun is around 92 million miles, it’s the closest star that we have got.  However, it isn’t possible to simply look straight … Read more

Best Planetary Telescopes – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

All telescopes are not created equal. There are telescopes to see planets and stars clearly, telescopes to view the dark expanse of deep-space, and telescopes that are more suited to viewing distant objects here on Earth. If you’re interested in mapping out the planets but haven’t been having much success, the problem could be with … Read more

Best Computer Controlled Telescopes – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Hundreds of years ago, the first telescopes allowed mankind to survey and map the stars. Early telescopes were crude contraptions, made with the most basic materials, and not providing a very clear view. Today, technology has enabled us to enjoy amateur astronomy in many new ways. Computer-controlled telescopes bring a whole new meaning to astronomy … Read more

Best Telescope Eyepieces – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The eyepiece on a telescope is where you look through in order to view whatever the scope is pointed at. There are many different eyepieces of varying sizes and prices. Most telescopes come with one or two standard eyepieces that can be used on the scope. However, if you want to optimize your viewing experience … Read more

Best Star Projectors and Home Planetariums

Mankind has always had a fascination with the night sky. This could be an instinct that has perhaps survived from an age when ancient humans used to sleep in open areas with nothing more than the twinkling stars as blankets. From prehistoric to modern times, sleeping under a dark sky full of shining lights is … Read more