Ed Anderson

Ed Anderson is a member of the Astronomical Society of Long Island, ASLI, as well as the Custer Institute and Observatory. At Custer, he operates a 14” Meade telescope for his own observing and to support Custer’s public programs.

Ed is currently engaged in a series of presentations at the Custer Institute and Observatory. His topics are always focused on the needs and interests of those new to astronomy and telescopes. He has been featured on SkyAndTelescope, NewsDay and has written for CloudyNights.

Outside of astronomy, Ed is retired, having spent 37 years in the information technology field. In addition to astronomy, Ed shares the hobby of bird watching with his wife where he leverages his knowledge of optics to observe and photograph birds. He is also a competition radio control glider pilot.

Ed lives in the light polluted suburbs of New York City. So he shares the experience of those who wish to pursue astronomy but are not located in dark sky areas. Ed’s philosophy is that light pollution is a challenge to be dealt with, not a reason to give up. Even in the heart of a big city, there are amazing sights to be seen if we just look up with the right attitude and instruments.