German Equatorial Mounts (GEMs) – Overview and Working

This article explains how German Equatorial Mounts work. Most people are familiar with camera tripods that offer vertical movement and head rotation. Telescope mounts based on this principle are called Altitude-Azimuth mounts, or Alt-Az mounts for short. German Equatorial Mounts (GEMs) are more complex, but they are preferred by astrophotographers and observers who like to … Read more

SkyWatcher FlexTube 200P (8″ Collapsible) Review

The Optical (Flex)Tube Assembly The SkyWatcher FlexTube 200P or Sky-Watcher’s 8″ Collapsible Dobsonian is an 8” f/6 Newtonian (203mm Aperture, 1200mm Focal Length), with the same optics as those found in Orion, Apertura, Zhumell, SkyWatcher classic, and GSO dobsonians. The main difference between this telescope and others of its size is the collapsible “FlexTube” functionality. … Read more

10 Top Deep Sky Objects for Astronomy Beginners

There are lots of night sky objects to see with a small telescope, but often, beginners will find it difficult to decide what to look for, and where to find them. This guide will go into some of the best Deep Sky Objects to see in Northern skies. (Though I will mention in passing a … Read more

Different Types Of Mounts In Beginner Telescopes Discussed

We live in a time of unprecedented telescope availability. Viewing the catalogs of yesteryear–the 50s, 60s, even as recently as the 90s–one learns the incredible expense associated with telescopes of the time. Telescopes with two-inch-wide achromatic objectives, mounted even on simple altaz forks, would be a severe investment. Nowadays we can find similar offerings for … Read more