Best Telescope Eyepieces – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Most telescopes come with one or two eyepieces which give you one or two magnification options. However, if you want to optimize your viewing experience you’ll need to invest in a better-quality eyepiece. By having a range of magnifications you can optimize the image, which means you need more eyepieces. I want to help you select the … Read more

How to Find the Andromeda Galaxy?

What’s the most distant object you can see with just your eyes? You might name a local building or point to an aircraft flying overhead. You might even guess the name of a distant star, but an astronomer will give a different answer: the Andromeda Galaxy. Just how far away is it? The Andromeda Galaxy is … Read more

How to Use a Telescope: First Time Users’ Guide

You have your new telescope, your first. You followed the assembly guide and now you want to get the most you can out of your investment. This first time telescope user’s guide is exactly what you are looking for. I will define terms like aperture, focal length, optical tube, mount, focuser, and eyepiece. You will … Read more

How Much Does a Good Telescope Cost?

The purpose of this article is to give you a framework upon which to budget for a first telescope. I will give examples based on price ranges and point out what going to the next class will get you. I will also bring out key considerations, like size and weight, so you can get a … Read more

Best Telescopes of 2019 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Unfortunately, if you look at the list of best sellers in Amazon, you might see undermounted, accessory-poor, and optically terrible telescopes like the $60 Celestron 21035 70mm on the top. They are enthusiastically reviewed by newbies who have never used an another telescope in their life and are happy to see some craters on the Moon and … Read more

Must-See Stargazing Events for 2019

Since prehistory, mankind has been looking at the skies for answers regarding the mysteries of the natural world. Hence, our ancestors were able to comprehend important concepts like time, seasons, climate, and distance. But no matter how far humanity has come in terms of technology, looking at the vast heavens (especially) at night still leaves … Read more