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Explore Scientific sells a number of different telescopes and accessories, including:

  • Carbon fiber, FCD100, and other apochromatic triplet refractors for both imaging and visual use
  • AR-series fast achromatic refractors for visual use on a budget, using the same mechanical components as their apochromatic triplets
  • Maksutov-Newtonian and Newtonian optical tubes for imaging or visual use
  • Truss-tube and solid-tube Dobsonians
  • 120-degree, 100-degree, 92-degree, 82-degree, 68-degree, 62-degree, and 52-degree argon-purged waterproof premium eyepieces
  • Its FirstLight beginner telescope line
  • PMC-Eight Wi-Fi controlled equatorial mounts
  • Twilight and EXOS manual alt-azimuth and equatorial mounts

Additionally, ES sells a number of binoculars, microscopes, and other non-astronomical optical devices, as well as science toys and other items through Explore One, its subsidiary/brand targeted toward children.

While the FirstLight telescopes are a little compromised when it comes to their mounts and accessories, every Explore Scientific telescope that we’ve tested has been superb optically. Mechanically, most of the stuff ES sells is no slouch either.

Explore Scientific also offers a unique ExploreSTARS transferable warranty on nearly all of their products—no matter from whom, where, or when you got your telescope or accessory, they’ll fix or replace it free of charge if needed, and the same applies to anyone you sell or give it to. Explore Scientific’s customer service is some of the best we’ve ever seen and is an absolute hallmark of the industry.

History of Explore Scientific

Explore Scientific is the “new kid on the block” in the astronomical equipment world. With barely eleven years since its founding in July 2008, it is amazing just how fast Explore Scientific Company has overtaken the amateur astronomy hobby.

Explore Scientific was founded by Scott Roberts, a former Meade employee who held several high-ranking positions within that company. In addition to Explore Scientific and its subsidiary, Explore One, Roberts runs a number of non-profit astronomy outreach groups, serves on the board of Astronomers Without Borders, and has contributed to a number of documentary films.

Explore Scientific Telescopes Reviewed By Us

Where to Buy Explore Scientific Telescopes?

In the US, most of the online Explore Scientific telescopes are sold through:

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