Logan Nicholson

Logan Nicholson

Amateur Astronomer
Telescope Making
Telescope and Mirror Repairing

Logan Nicholson is an amateur astronomer, telescope maker, and astrophotographer from Melbourne, Australia. He regularly attends astronomy meetings at his local clubs and dark sites in rural Australia, observing with his homemade telescopes.

Logan is well known amongst communities online such as CloudyNights, IceInSpace.com and offline for regularly pushing the envelope of telescope mirror making with fast f/ratio mirrors, including 6 and 10 inch f/3 mirrors, which only tens of people worldwide have made, mostly professionals. He also has a 10 inch f/5 Dobsonian and a 16 inch thin meniscus mirror in progress, something few have dared to try due to the difficulty of the task.

Logan also owns a high-end amateur astrophotography setup, including a vintage yet high-quality Takahashi MT-160 telescope, a Celestron CGEM mount, and an ASI1600MM-c camera. He has taken numerous photos with this setup and has even won an internationally recognized award: young astrophotographer of the year runner-up in 2018, which got him featured on Cnet, BBC, MNN, NationalGeographic, DailyMail e.t.c. and Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2020.

Logan loves to share his passion and knowledge of astronomy, and you can see him hosting and helping with local public outreach nights and helping new amateur astronomers online to maximize their enjoyment of the hobby.

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