10 Fun Facts About Telescopes

Telescopes were inventions of the 16th century that helped bridge the gap between the vast reaches of space and the inhabitants of Planet Earth. For many years, telescopes and spyglasses were used on land and sea as a means of observing an area across a large distance. Little did these early pioneers of the scrying instrument … Read more

Must-See Stargazing Events for 2019

Since prehistory, mankind has been looking at the skies for answers regarding the mysteries of the natural world. Hence, our ancestors were able to comprehend important concepts like time, seasons, climate, and distance. But no matter how far humanity has come in terms of technology, looking at the vast heavens (especially) at night still leaves … Read more

Best Solar Telescopes – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

All too often, we tend to focus on distant stars, galaxies, and planets and miss the most important celestial body essential to human life – the Sun! Although the distance between us and sun is around 92 million miles, it’s the closest star that we have got.  However, it isn’t possible to simply look straight … Read more

Best Computer Controlled Telescopes – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Hundreds of years ago, the first telescopes allowed mankind to survey and map the stars. Early telescopes were crude contraptions, made with the most basic materials, and not providing a very clear view. Today, technology has enabled us to enjoy amateur astronomy in many new ways. Computer-controlled telescopes bring a whole new meaning to astronomy … Read more

Best Star Projectors and Home Planetariums

Mankind has always had a fascination with the night sky. This could be an instinct that has perhaps survived from an age when ancient humans used to sleep in open areas with nothing more than the twinkling stars as blankets. From prehistoric to modern times, sleeping under a dark sky full of shining lights is … Read more

Telescope Invention – The Who and How

The history of the telescope is a very interesting and lengthy topic. Beginner astronomers often marvel at the wonders of space and ask all sorts of questions related to telescopes. How were they made? Who made them and when? How did we figure out how to use them for viewing the stars and planets? If … Read more

Celestron PowerSeeker 70AZ Telescope Review

Astronomy is a hobby that many people enjoy – both kids and adults – and some people have even managed to turn what once was a childhood passion into a lifelong career. However, some folks are interested in the stars and the sky and want to learn more about astronomy but lack the financial means … Read more

Celestron X-Cel LX 3x Barlow Lens Review

One of the sad truths about telescopes in the market today is that they don’t seem to have the right lenses. What do I mean? Popular telescopes, especially those on the cheaper side of the spectrum will lure you into buying them by baiting you with their overly affordable price and exaggerated magnification features. Only … Read more